Monday, February 3, 2014

Dome Rock, Quartzite, AZ

Dome Rock, Quartzite, AZ
Monday, February 3, 2014, Dome Rock, Quartzite, AZ - 55.1 miles 4,933.9 For the Trip

Lots of packing, trying to remember where I stored stuff that has been out for a month, etc. After packing & hooking up, filling the fresh water tank, it was time for a run to the dump station. I managed to go an entire month without dumping, however that is in a park with bathrooms & showers (although no kitchen sink for doing dishes). The black tank was near full, while the gray was a little over 1/2.

Overall, I liked La Paz County Park. Site 20 was a great location, and while they didn't have full hookups, water & electric is enough for me. While it was a good location, with shopping at a Safeway & Walmart as well as a laundry, hardware stores, barber shops, etc only 9 miles away, I really prefer moving around a bit more. While I got a lot of reading done, I would rather be spending my time exploring new places. Since the Cardiologist I saw in Parker asked me to stay in the area for a month to see if I had another episode of A-Fib (I haven't), I stayed, but was ready to move on.

A short drive to Quartzite & the Dome Rock area. There is a Fiberglass trailer rally here starting on Thursday, but at least 10 trailers have got a jump on the date. Lots of room, although it seems I parked close to a preferred spot for a Scamp 5th Wheel - it is now right next to me. Completely dry camping - no bathrooms, water or electricity available, not even dumpsters for your trash. On the other hand, the price is right - free for 14 days. More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

Dinner was a Chicken Salad.

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  1. What?!!! Dry camping means no amenities? That leaves me without words