Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back at Fisherman's Bend

Today's Photo - A Section of the River Walk, Fisherman's Bend Campground, OR

I got a late start today after paying bills & other paperwork, including making an appointment with Toyota of Bend, OR to have my tires replaced.

It rained off and on, so I wasn't sure I'd be coming back to Fisherman's Bend - If it was dry I'd walk the waterfall hike at Silver Falls State Park & stay there for the night.  If it was raining, I planned to come back after just photographing the North Falls.  Well, it was raining, so I hauled the Escape to the falls & back.  Oh well, it is only gasoline (at $4.00 per gallon)!

The North Falls is OK, but not as impressive as those with multiple streams.  In any case, here is a photo:

Of course once I started back the sun came out - I'm sure if I had stayed, the rain would have continued.  When we made out last trip through the Northwest in 2004 we were labeled the rainmakers since it rained most nights even in areas that were having a drought. 

I'm taking a break to have dinner with Lou & Kathy - will finish this later. 

Well, it's later.  Kathy made a delicious Chicken Alfredo for dinner, followed by pumpkin pie with ice cream.  I better not get use to too many of these home cooked meals - I have to live with my own cooking for most of the trip.  Tomorrow it is back to the normal grind!

Till then - 

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