Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day 161, Sunday, April 9, 2017, Edgar Evins State Park, TN

Site 33
Sunday, April 9, 2017, Edgar Evins State Park, TN, 144.2 Miles, 7,417.1 Miles For the Trip

I was a little slow getting out of the campground, and hit the road around 10:00AM. Since it was a short drive, most on 4 lane roads, including Interstates 840 & 40, I arrived at Edgar Evins around 1:00. Check in is at 4:00, but my site was empty, so I moved in.

An interesting campground. The sites are all on the side of a hill overlooking the Center Hill Reservoir (which, on the park map is spelled Reservior). My spell checker insists on Reservoir, so that's what I'm going with. Because it is a large body of water, distances are deceiving. My GPS shows the nearest large grocery store (a Super Walmart) is only 9 miles away. Punch in directions, and it is a 22 mile drive taking 35 minutes. Evidently, that 22 miles is to the closest town - Smithville, TN.

I'm in site 33, a water & electric site for $21.37 per night. Most of the sites are on wooden decks with concrete & steel structure and 6"X6" decking. Each site has exact size measurements - mine is 24' wide by 31' deep. With leaving room to open my rear carrier, the trailer fits fine, but I have to park my truck across the street. The water faucet is in a strange location, requiring my longer hose running across the deck, but the view from the back is nice. I do have a neighbor that likes loud country music, but he turned it down after cooking dinner.

I walked around the campground, at least part of it. There is a restaurant here in the park, but it on another part of the reservoir. I'm not sure it is in walking distance; in fact, the campground map shows no road or parking going to it. That might be possible. There is a large marina completely off shore across from the campground. No land connection...

I spent the rest of the day sitting outside reading, talking to Don & Anne in Binghamton - Don is doing well recovering from his heart attack & quadruple bypass surgery, and my brother on Nantucket who is dealing with high blood pressure. With just my painful wrist, I feel like I'm healthy!

Dinner was a Bubba Burger & beets.

Until Tomorrow -

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