Sunday, September 14, 2014

Brunch at Betty's

Brunch at Betty's
Sunday, September 14, 2014 - 154.3 Miles, 315 Miles For the Trip

While the Saturday Pot Luck Dinner & door prizes are the official end of the rally, Sunday brunch at Betty's has become very popular. About 25 of us formed an "auto train" and headed an 11:00 brunch. As usual, the food was great. If you ever get to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls (or even the US side), it is well worth a trip to Betty's. I don't know if they do brunch any other days than Sunday, but I've had dinner there & it was great.

As to the brunch, the strawberry crepes, sausage, scrambled eggs, and many dishes I didn't recognize, but enjoyed, were excellent. A whole table of desserts, including my favorite cake, many pies, brownies, and blueberry cheesecake. The only complaint I have is each time I went up to the buffet, the fried fish (which is wonderful) was gone. The people sitting on either side of me managed to get some, so it was just my timing, and I just couldn't make a third trip (well, other than dessert). Sorry the pictures are not up to the usual standards, but I used my iPhone since I didn't want to haul one of the big cameras. At least this year I didn't have my thumb over the lens!  More photos have been added to the Niagara Wine Escape, 2014 page.

After that I headed back to the Riverside Park Campground & Motel to pick up my trailer & headed for Pennsylvania. A few trailers are staying at the campground for the day.

A pleasant 154.3 mile drive along NY 20A, and US 15 (which is I 390 in NY) to the Ives Run Recreation Area COE campground in PA.  I'm in site 125 in the Hickory Loop (electric & water) for the next 3 days @ $16.00 per night with the senior pass.  Sure beats Riverside Park in Niagara Falls at $50.79 (Canadian), although that was with full hookups in a campground about 15 Km from Niagara Falls.

My site has a great view over the lower sections of the campground & Hammond Lake with lots of afternoon sun to warm up the trailer.  It is still rather cool, but at least the sun came out Last night went down to 41°F; I hope for a bit warmer tonight!

Site 125, Ives Run US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Campground

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