Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Day 8, Home, Oswego, NY

Day 8, Home, Oswego, NY - 133.2 miles, 795.9 for the trip.

The predicted rain didn't start until after breakfast, just in time to get me as I packed up the trailer. Actually, there wasn't much to packing up; just putting away the Anderson Levelers. I didn't even run down the stabilizers so it was only a 30 second job to get ready to go.

I pretty much followed NY 3 through the Adirondacks, argued with Matilda, my GPS as to whether staying on 3 or hopping on I 81 for 40 miles was the best route. I picked NY Rt 3. Lots of small towns, in including one larger one (Watertown, NY) but a pleasant drive even in the rain.

I arrived in Oswego around 1:00, parked the trailer for a couple of months, but am putting off unloading until tomorrow.

I decided I didn't want to cook, so since Rudy's is closed (only open Wednesday through Sunday until Memorial Day), I headed to Price Chopper for their popcorn shrimp dinner.

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