Saturday, May 19, 2018

Day 5, Chocorua KOA , Chocorua, NH

Day 5, Chocorua KOA , Chocorua, NH - 0 miles, 406.9 for the trip.

We spent the morning doing trailer tours. I didn't get to see too many since there was lots of interest in the Lagun table mount I added to the Escape & spent most of the time giving tours. After the tours we sat outside Anne & Guido's trailer until the rain started. Fairly light rain, but it started around 3:00 and continued well into the evening.

Around 6:30 there was a talk & listen session at the rec room. We talked about solar, trailers, and travel.

Dinner was Anne's Chicken Artichoke over pasta.

Until Tomorrow

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