Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Adding a Lagun Table Mount

The Lagun Table Mount & Sliding Teak Table
Not a travel journal, but I've been working on some additions & modifications to the trailer.  Most of today's is changing the Springfield table pedestal to a Lagun mount.  While I liked the Springfield better than the two post system Escape provides, the Lagun arm lets you move the table through a range of positions.  The teak table slides so that the two outside sections fold over the center section, making a 14" wide table, great for lounging around when you don't need a large taKD-AR959BSble.

Lots more photos of the table in different positions, open & closed, and the construction of the support for the Lagun arm at an update on my "Trailer Modifications, Escape 21" page (scroll down).

I have a bunch of additions, modifications, and minor repairs that I'll do over the next couple of days. I did install my 4th radio!  I found an Amazon Associate that still had the JVC KD-AR959BS receiver.  It is discontinued by JVC, but worked great in my Escape 17B.  I'm getting tired of changing over the 16 or so splices to install a new radio (even JVC uses a different connector on their different radios), but I hope I'm done.  While I haven't tested it at Quartzsite, it works great picking up a NPR station 70 miles from home, something the other radios would not have done.

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