Monday, January 23, 2017

Day 85, Monday, January 23, 2017, La Posa West, Quartzsite AZ, Day 28

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Monday, January 23, 2017, La Posa West, Quartzsite AZ, Day 28, 0 Miles, 3,991.7 Miles For the Trip

Not a bad night, I even got a photo of a cheesy rainbow before the sun went down. The furnace only came on once at 6:00AM. Since I'm heading to Parker for an eye test this morning, I didn't walk for coffee. By the time I finished toasting an English muffin & making a pot of coffee, I was down 21 amp hours on the TriMetric battery monitor. There was enough morning sun that by the time I was back from Parker, the batteries were full. I passed the eye pressure test with flying colors, no higher than it was 2 weeks after my Laser surgery. I stopped at Mike's Barber Shop for a haircut, but they, like all the ones in Parker, are closed on Mondays.

After driving back to Quartzsite, I sat around inside the trailer since it is very windy outside, and not all that warm. The sun peaks out around the clouds, but even when it is out it isn't comfortable outside. I eventually got tired of sitting around, grabbed my camera and headed to the show. I went mainly to take some photos of the booths to give you an idea of what is here. While I only includes about 22 booths, there are hundreds, and, as I mentioned before, most are not directly related to RVing. I did stop to spin the machine at the Progressive booth, hoping for another aluminum water bottle, but won a LED flashlight. The bottles are nice, the same as the ones selling for $10.00 or so. The flashlight is exactly the same one (other than, like the water bottle, it is blue & says "Progressive") that Harbor Freight gives away for free...  Lots more photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

I headed back when the cloud cover got heavy enough to look like a storm was on the way (thunderstorms are predicted) but so far, just clouds & wind. I hope it dies down enough to grill a chicken thigh that has finally defrosted. I'll have that for dinner, along with the rest of the pickled beets.

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