Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 70, Sunday, January 8, 2017, Imperial Dam, CA, Day 9

Sunday Jam at the Gravel Pit Ramada
Sunday, January 8, 2017, Imperial Dam, CA, Day 9, 0 Miles, 3,923.7 Miles For the Trip

I walked the garbage to the dumpsters & chatted with the golfers as usual (the flat section just above where I'm camped is a 4 hole golf course). A group of about 6 golfers play every morning. It must be interesting - they only carry one club, and on a long shot the ball often ends on a rock, bouncing in any direction. They have made "greens" around the holes - not actual green, but they did remove all the rocks.

After breakfast I read, including the Syracuse Sunday paper, then sat outside for a bit. I took a couple of hummingbird photos & one of the vault toilet. It is only fair to point out what lets me go for 3-4 weeks without dumping the trailer black tank!

Around 1:00 they started setting up for the Sunday Jam Session. A group of about 20 musicians, half guitar players, jam for a couple of hours. I took some photos. Many more photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

During the afternoon I made a run to Squaw Lake for a shower. This time I waited until one of the non handicapped showers was open just to see the difference. Less room, but you had a place to put your stuff. I waited for the shower to stop on its own, and it was about 2 minutes after I showered as long as I could stand it - at least 7 minutes.

I knew when I bought a bag of ice yesterday that I should have used a five dollar bill, but, instead, gave them my last pair of singles. At the shower token booth all I had was a five, so I now have 4 extra tokens. I hope they will be good next year since I'm planning to head for Quartzsite tomorrow!

Dinner will be a grilled chicken thigh, rice & the rest of the broccoli. After dinner I'm going to drain my hot water tank. The hot water smells musty or of algae. I'm going to try adding some bleach, refilling it and letting it sit overnight, then drain it again, along with the fresh water tank during the drive to Quartzsite. I hope that will be enough to clean it up. I don't usually drink the water from the tank, but use it to do dishes & use the hot water to fill my water pik (you don't want to know what cold water feels like in a water pik!)

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