Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day 4, Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA, Day 2

Planing the Next Leg of the Trip
Thursday November 3, 2016 - Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 706.2 Miles For the Trip

Another beautiful day here in Virginia. A little cooler than yesterday, but still "T" shirt weather, at least when the sun is out. It is a bit more windy than yesterday, and the clouds are building - the reports are for a little rain tonight, than clearing for the rest of the weekend.

More trailers arrived today for the 4th Fall Mini Rally - there are a total of 8 of us so far, with three more expected. Lots of dogs, in fact, more than trailers and almost more than people! They come in all sizes - check the photos.

Most of today was spent saying hello, and finishing my current book The Walking by Bentley Little.

Dinner was the rest of the Caesar Salad & a steak & pepper sandwich made with leftover steak from yesterday.

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  1. golden leaves still hanging on, and the crunchy ones on the ground...I envy you.