Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day 17, Wednesday, November 16, 2016, Double Lake Forest Service Campground, TX, Day 2

Wednesday, November 16, 2016, Double Lake Forest Service Campground, TX, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 1920.1 Miles For the Trip

A fairly warm night, only getting down to 53°F; not so warm that my neighbor still wished he had heat in his pop up. Today was suppose to hit 85°F in Houston, however here it only reached 80°F.

I walked around the campground loop, then sat out & read. Lots of flies. They didn't bite or even land on me much, but if you left any food down, there were 10 - 15 of them on it. I got out the fly swatter, thinking I could get them all, but after about 20 minutes & close to 100 flies, I gave up.

The picnic table is something else. 6"X6" legs & crosspieces, 3"X12" seats & table top, 4"X4" bracing with 2"X2"X1/4" angle iron tying it all together. Built long enough ago (maybe by the CCC?)  that the dimensions were full size. No one is going to move these around the site - they probably weigh 500 lbs each!

I called Brazos Bend State Park, my planned next stop. According to the Texas park Reservation System, they are fully booked for the weekend, but the park told me there is room in the overflow area. I hope to find a normal site, but if not, the overflow will do.

I did get one project out of the way - I defrosted the refrigerator - quite a build up over the last 2 weeks, but I've been in humid areas for part of it. No photos today.

Around 4:30 I defrosted my last bowl of homemade ham & bean soup, which was dinner.

After dinner I took a bag of garbage to the dumpster, which is a little ways past the further bathroom. On the way back I checked out the shower, and it had a much heavier stream & was quite warm. I went back to the trailer, got my towel & headed for a shower. The stall was large, had a bench, and lots of hooks, and the run time around 5 minutes per push of the button, which was the good. The bad - no lights and it was getting dark, and that 3/4" stream of water was just a little too hot. You couldn't stand in it, but had to duck low enough that the stream cooled a bit. I know, the Goldilocks syndrome, too cold or too hot, except I never found just right! Still, it is nice to shower in something bigger than the trailer.

Until tomorrow -

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