Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Day 30, Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Matagorda Bay Nature Park, TX, Day 10

A Scamp 19 & Friends
Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Matagorda Bay Nature Park, TX, Day 10, 0 Miles, 2,105.1 Miles For the Trip

Another warm night; it only got down to 72°F, and hit 85°F this afternoon. According to my weather app, it is going to go down to the low 50's tonight. my refrigerator will appreciate that. The door seal has a 4" tear in it & is old & stiff enough that it doesn't make a good seal anywhere. I hope to be able to get a replacement at Quartzsite - we shall see...

It is hard to believe I've been on the road for a month. Probably about time to thing about getting a haircut!

I made a run to Bay City this morning to get the supplies to make a pie for the pot luck, and some other stuff. One thing I was looking for was a replacement tip for my Waterpik. The one that came with it broke & I didn't bring the spare with me. Unfortunately, it seems you can't buy replacement tips in the various drug stores, Walmart or HEB's that I looked in. I eventually purchased a replacement Waterpik. I guess I now have a spare! I replaced my battery operated, hand held vacuum cleaner since the battery died in the old one. I also picked up a bottle of Boggle Essential Red 2014 wine. I like the 2013 version, so I decided I have to try the new year.

On the way back I waited for the longest & slowest train I've seen. After it went by I rushed down TX 60, hoping to beat it to the next crossing. I did.

Back at the campground I walked around photographing some of the new arrivals. There are a couple of Casitas having a "protest" against the $5.00 per person park fee & are camped out at the parking lot (Where I spent the weekend). In a way I don't blame them - you don't get a lot for the daily fee since you are already paying for the campsite on top of it. Of course I can't complain too loudly since New York does the same thing (although the daily fee is for the vehicle, not per person). More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

Dinner was a Burrito & salad.

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