Tuesday, March 22, 2016

West Tawakoni City Park, TX

Site 12, West Tawakoni City Park, TX
Tuesday, March 22, 2016, West Tawakoni City Park, TX, 171.9 Miles, 5,845 Miles for the Trip

On the way out of the Proctor Lake COE campground I stopped at the office to let them know they would need a pressure washer to clean up the trashed men's bathroom. Why anyone would spread "crap" (as clean a word as I can use) all over the bathroom is beyond me.

I had to fool my GPS to let it keep me on US 67 for as long as possible. If I picked "no highways", it took me all over the place for a total of 275 miles. If I shut off "avoidances", it took me on I20 most of the way, and still showed over 200 miles. Staying on US 67, then a 60 mile hop on I20 resulted in today's 171.9 miles. You just can't trust modern electronics!

I'm in site 12, a full hookup site in the West Tawakoni City Park. No idea on the price - so far no one has asked for money, and there is no signs or information anywhere. A large lake next to the park - check out the catfish on the water tank next to the park. About 4 other trailers here in the park, all of which look permanent. Bathrooms with showers, but they are pretty rough, and no hot water. I'll probably skip a shower tonight unless it is in the trailer. Some traffic noise from TX276; I hope it will die down by bedtime. My back is better, but not cured. At the campground there is a good Verizon 4G signal & a weak AT&T 4G. There is an NPR over the air station, so I probably won't need to use the iPhone for my NPR fix.

After starting to setup the trailer, a water department truck pulled in, said he is the person I pay, but only suggested I pick a different site (I was in 13). Seems that when the water tower next door backwashes, the runoff flows through site 13. He suggested site 12, but never asked for money.

After setting up, I drove back to Quinlan (about 6 miles west of the campground) for a haircut. I passed a Chinese buffet, which might be dinner. It is far too windy (it almost knocked me over walking to the bathrooms) to cook outside so that might make sense, and I'm due to try Chinese again - it has been a long time since my last one. Well, I did head back to the Quinlan China Buffet for dinner. While not a huge variety, the food was good.

The park is now filled with kids flying kites.  There sure is enough wind for it!

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