Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chisos Basin, Big Bend National Park, TX, Day 2

The Window at Sunset
Wednesday, March 16, 2016, Chisos Basin, Big Bend National Park, TX, Day 2, 0 Miles, 5,109.7 Miles for the Trip

Well, I slept well after my hike. Dinner was a cheese sandwich (I didn't even bother to grill it) chips & snap peas. Saved getting out the grill & cooking. I tried to do some star photos, but the moon is at about 1/2 full (or empty depending on your mood) which cuts out all but the brightest stars, and the many campsite lights didn't help. I did look outside at 4:00AM, and the moon was down, most of the campsite lights were off, but it was 47°F & I didn't want to get up & dressed that early! I did take a couple of photos of the sun setting at the Window (from my campsite). Not all that photographic; I'll try tonight from the Windows View site for something better.

I walked around the campground before breakfast, checking out the sites. All are full, or at least reserved, although I did find one that has a reservation starting tomorrow that I suspect someone could stay in tonight. I also looked for two reservable trailer sites together (for future trips with the Guidos). There aren't many, although 58 & 60 look pretty good, as does 38 & 39.

Lots of Spring Breakers in the campground. Yesterday a rather obnoxious pair of hikers walked through my site with very loud music playing from their backpack. I can understand headphones if you insist on listening to music rather than your surroundings while hiking. Maybe the "music" was their method of keeping the bears & mountain lions away, but if I was a bear I'd eat them just to shut off the noise!

Other than a walk, I didn't do much else today. Temperatures warmed up quickly, so that be 10:00 it was comfortable sitting outside in a "T" shirt. I read for awhile, talked with a couple of neighbors, and relaxed.

Dinner will be a turkey Bubba Burger, Virgo Rice & the last of the snap peas.

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  1. Great Window sunset..wish I could join you...have a gaggle from Kansas City coming in Friday for a week or more....Spring Break is one of the few(3) times a year that there is "life" at the park....timing is everything.. :)) Enjoy and safe Travels.....I may be able to swing a short trip to the Hill Country the middle of April to try and catch some BB's...Horst sends