Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lost Alaskan RV Park, Alpine, TX

Site P3, Lost Alaskan RV Park, Alpine, TX

Tuesday, March 8, 2016, Lost Alaskan RV Park, Alpine, TX, 25.9 Miles, 4,963.1 Miles for the Trip

By the way, the showers at Davis Mountain State Park are almost perfect - Clean, have seats in the dressing area, lots of hooks, standard shower heads that don't aim at the dressing area, shower curtains, heat in the bathroom, and places to put your stuff in the shower. The only problem is the hot water isn't. While I understand lowering hot water temperature to prevent scalding of kids, it was barely lukewarm with no added cold water, making for a quick shower! I've developed a back ache & I was hoping to do a little soaking.

A very short drive today. On the way I saw an Escape 21 stopped along TX 118, so I stopped to say hello. I met Mary F, an administrator for the Fiberglass RV Forum and her husband. They were having some vibration problems with their front storage box & had stopped to try to solve the problem.

I needed to do laundry, and wasn't sure if there would be any laundromats further towards Big Bend National Park, so I stopped at Alpine & the Lost Alaskan RV Park. I'm in site P3, a full hookup site a long hike from the bathrooms & showers, for $30.56 with a Good Sam discount.

After setting up the trailer I checked out the laundry at the campground, but it was busy & small. I opted to head to town. My GPS directed me to a dry cleaner & laundry (no user machines) but they gave me directions to a real laundromat. It was next to a coffee shop, so I sat outside sipping good coffee & reading while the machines did their thing.

I stopped at a grocery store on the way home & replaced most of the things I had on my list. Back at the campground I put away the groceries, made the bed (a project, as usual) and did some reading. I'm currently reading a Terry Pratchett "Diskworld" novel , The Truth, an excellent satire on the newspaper industry. If you have never read Pratchett, I highly recommend it as well as Going Postal as good introductions to the series.

It is too windy to sit outside, in fact you can see the clouds in the campsite photo. Very light rain off & on as well.

Since this is the last site I expect to have electrical hookups for a week or two, I'm using the toaster oven to bake a pot pie for dinner. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, it is a good sign - it means I got into one of the first come sites at the Rio Grande Village campground.

Until the next internet connection -

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