Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Visit to Howe Cavern & the Secret Cavern, NY

Howe Caverns, NY

Secret Cavern, NY
During our camping trip to Chenango Valley State park with some Don, Anne & Terry, their guest from China, we decided to visit Howe Caverns & the Secret Caverns next door. About a 90 mile drive from the campground up I 88.

Howe Caverns is a cold cave at 52°F year round, with most of the formations dead or non active. Lots to see with many colored lights highlighting the structures & formations. The cave's "special feature" is a 10 minute boat ride on a narrow lake at the bottom of the cave.

The Secret Cavern is less popular than Howe Cavern, smaller, and less expensive ($18.00 ve $25.00 for Howe Caverns). The lighting is more primative, mostly to provide adequate lighting to see where you are going, Narrower pathways, but in many ways just as interesting. The "special feature" for the cavern is the 100' waterfall at the end of the tour. Well worth seeing as long as you can deal with the over 100 steps to get into & out of the cave (no elevator like Howe Cavern).

Many more photos at the Howe Cavern & the Secret Garden pages at LakeshoreImages.

That was pretty much it for the day.  We had Bubba burgers, chicken burgers, and corn on the cob for dinner & I'll be heading out to the campfire as soon as I post this page.

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