Friday, August 28, 2015

A Short Weekend Trip

Site 92, Chenango Valley State Park
So, I'm planning out my weekend, which will consist of tearing the 3 year old black plastic off my garden & rototilling, and installing the solar panel holdouts & upper taillight on the trailer, when I get email from Don asking if I wanted to go camping at Chenango State Park.  While my first thought was to do the work I planned, Anne email me reminding me I was retired, and could do Monday anything that I was planning for Saturday.  She's right, of course, so it was a quick 1 hour packing of the trailer and off to Chenango.

After setting up in site 92 (for which I'm listed as the second vehicle - don't ask, the only way we could get the site since they don't do day of reservations, and you have to register in person if you don't reserve).

 I finished putting together the home made pizza I was planning to cook for dinner.  The usual onion/pepper/mushroom/pepperoni pizza with home made sauce.  Not to bad, although a very thick crust - I had enough dough for a 18" pizza, but can only fit a 12" pan in my toaster oven.  We sat around and talked after dinner, but it is cooling off quickly, so I headed back to my trailer (we ate at Don & Anne's in site 94).  Terry, the Chinese lighting designer that was a student living with Don & Anne last year is back designing their first show this year.  This is his first time camping, if fact, the first time eating outside.  He is having a wonderful time chasing frogs, bugs, etc.  I lent him my headband LED light - he loves it!

Until tomorrow -

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