Monday, July 8, 2013

Sandy Cove, Digby & the Land of Evangeline Family Camping Resort, NS

Digby Harbor

Day 27, July 7 - Sandy Cove, Digby & the Land of Evangeline Family Camping Resort, NS - 134.8 Miles, 2449.5 For the Trip

This will probably be another late posted page - while the campground has WiFi, it is extremely slow, far to slow to post photos. I'll try to post at 5:00AM when I wake up.

Today was a travel day that turned into some fun stops. I wanted to photograph some of the scallop ships in the Sandy Cove harbor, but it looked like they were all out. Anne talked me into driving to the harbor & there were some nice photos ops. Next was a short drive to Digby. The first stop was at the Point Prim Lighthouse where I took a photo of Anne standing on a cliff. She can no longer complain about Don climbing to the edge of things!

When we reached Digby, we found that the Lobster Bash Weekend was in its last day. Quite a party with all kinds of activities. Of course I got a tee shirt, and had the best lobster roll I've ever eaten. Even better, it was only $5.00. I took a bunch of photos, including the 3rd place winner of a run across floating boxes. While there I saw the smallest keel sailboat I've ever seen so I took a photo of it.

More photos at today's Lakeshore Images page.

After that we got on 101 for a boring, but fast drive heading to Truro, our last planned stop. We didn't make it in one day, but didn't expect to. We are near Wolfville in site B2 at the Land of Evangeline Family Camping Resort. While not inexpensive at $47.00 for the trailer & tent, it has a great view of the bay and what looks to be a nice sunset. Dinner was Grilled Chicken, Rice & Broccoli. While going for ice cream at the building on the bay, I saw an old Mercury Pick Up Truck. Never knew they made them. I also took a couple of photos of the mud and an interesting sky.

We met a couple on their honeymoon from Barcelona that are traveling in Canada & hope to get to Yellowstone National Park.

Until tomorrow -

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