Saturday, July 13, 2013

Halloween in July

Halloween in July, Two Lakes Campground

Day 33, July 13, Two Lakes Campground, Oxford, ME - 132.3 Miles, 3138.1 For the Trip

I left the campground around 9:00AM & headed south on US 1. The traffic was pretty bad in spots, and fine in others. The real traffic jam was in Waldoboro, where the Locavore Festival was taking place. People were parked in sections of US 1 that didn't have parking areas, taking up 1/2 the driving lane. Of course it was on my side of the road and the back up, as well as trying to avoid taking out someones door or mirrors was interesting. There was one more unexplained backup that, while 3 miles long, was on the other side of the road.

Not a lot to photograph on the way. I switched to ME 196 at Bath, and followed it to Lewiston, where there was a very nice waterfall, but no where to park. After that it was 121 & 11 to Oxford, where I stopped at the Two Lakes Campground.

At first, I suspected that I must have slept for 3 months last night, but it was still far too warm for October. It seems the entire campground was decorated for Halloween. When checking in at the office, I found that this is their "Halloween in July" weekend, and tonight is the big night. The kids will trick or treat, there is a magic show, and all kinds of stuff going on. The campground is also full. There were only 3 sites left when I arrived at 1:00. I'm in Site 99, which is one of the more difficult sites I've backed into. Lots of trees that you have to wind your way around on a long back up into the site. It is nice and level once you get there, and, for a campground full of kids, fairly quiet. More photos at today's Lakeshore Images page.

Dinner will be a Bubba Burger & salad. I do have to do some shopping - I'm out of milk and ice cream drumsticks!

Here's hoping the "spooks & goblins" don't get me in the night!

Until tomorrow -

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