Friday, July 26, 2013

Oswego Harborfest, Day 2

Typhoon Tommy Jet Ski Show

Friday was another beautiful day at Oswego. Lots of things going on all over the city. I checked out more of the booths, saw the Fritz Polka Band, kids getting face painting, and the Typhoon Tommy Jet Ski Show. Lots of jumps, dives, and mid air flips. They also had something I've never seen before - a guy riding 20' in the air on jets of water. I wandered down to the Maritime Museum to watch the OMF Ontario return from a sail on the lake. The Ontario is a steel copy of a traditional 1850 Lake Schooner built by volunteers. She is 50' long with mast height of 70', and can carry 49 passengers & crew. There was another "tall" ship heading back to Canada.

After dinner I returned to the park, put down my tarp (a little early, but by dinner time they were all over the place and it saves coming back to the park at midnight). Everything was much more crowded, including the wine booths. Avalanche, a rocking section of the US Army Band was playing a set when I got back to the park. They were very good. After them, it was Foghat. I got a couple of photos of them posing with the members of the army band & getting ready to go on stage. A very large crowd was ready for the night's entertainment.

As the sun was setting I wandered down through the boat basin, and through the amusement area. Lots of screams from the rides. After that it was home to post tonight's page.  Lots more photos at today's Harborfest page.

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