Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lunenburg & the Nova Scotia Guide Association Campground

Lunenburg Church

Day 25, July 5 - Hibernia, NS - 128 Miles, 2217.0 For the Trip


Another day & night without rain. We left the Wayside Campground around 10:00AM (without a campsite photo - the first one I missed on the trip) and headed out on the Lighthouse Trail. Not too bad a road, however I never saw a lighthouse.

We stopped in Lunenburg for some photos of buildings & the harbor. Lunenburg is as far as Carol & I got on the last trip in 1999. She broke two ribs leaning over the seat of the van to get something out of the back. It started hurting more & more as we went, and finally was bad enough that we headed home. There are some very pretty buildings in town. We also stopped to replenish supplies & pick out something for dinner. We settled on salmon, and haddock, a salad, and green beans for a vegetable

We switched from the Lighthouse Trail to 103 to gain some time, and onto 8 to make the trip to Digby through Kejimkujik National Park. Because of the heat, we decided to try for a campsite with hookups rather than the dry camping at the park's campground. It is in the 90°F and very humid. If it doesn't cool off this evening, we may all be huddled in the trailer with the AC running. We stopped at the Nova Scotia Guide Association Campground, about 24 km from the park. Mostly permanent trailers, but they found a site for us. Other than that is smells like the last trailer on the site was a horse trailer (which brought along horse flies) and a bit damp, it isn't all that bad. There is a lake to swim in (although none of us ventured forth) a playground, laundry and 4 minute per Loonie showers.

I was hoping to wish my daughter a happy birthday, but alas, no internet at the Nova Scotia Guide Association Campground. I tried at 5:00AM when I was loading yesterday's page at the Wayside Campground, but Skype showed her off line. Birthday cards don't seem to work going to Botswana - I sent one 2 weeks before a birthday package for Zoe, my granddaughter, and it arrived over a month after her birthday & the package!

Sorry the pages are so late getting updated. While we don't have WiFi at the site, there is a good signal at the office of the Whale Cove Campground where we are staying on the 6th.

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