Friday, January 14, 2011

Working on Web Pages

Today's Photo - Camping at the Green Valley Campground in Sturgis, Michigan

As I have indicated in the header of this site, I also maintain a photo, travel & RV website at Lakeshoreimages. Among the many pages on the site are journals of our previous travels.  

Once I had a laptop I started keeping the journals as we went.  Prior to that they were loosely documented in photographs (on that stuff called film!) and in a desk calendar I used to keep track of locations & mileage. I am slowly putting together web pages of these previous trips. As I mentioned on the first page of the journal, doing it as it happens is a much better idea!

This trip was put together because our daughter got married in Glacier National Park on the shores of Lake McDonald. Some photos of the wedding. Although I was pretty good about getting the wedding photos posted, the rest of the trip has never seen the light of day. So, I started putting together the pages of the rest of the trip today, 11 years later. So far I'm up to day 5. 

Anyway, for those interested in red road travel between Oswego, NY & Missoula, MT (and a bit beyond) I'll post a link in a couple of days when I get done. 

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