Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's Cold Again!

Today's Photo - An Image From a Production of Dracula.

Every once in a while I'll throw in a photograph from my pre retirement days - well, actually this image is from a year ago - I still shoot the production images for the theatre department I retired from in 2001.  Theatre photography is an interesting, tough field.  Low light, high contrast, many one-time-only images, usually shot hand held.  I love landscape photography, but I do believe I developed far more skills shooting theatre.

Well, it had to happen - Last night at this time (7:00PM) it was 53° out.  Tonight it is 28° and dropping.  It was nice while it lasted, and it did melt all the snow.  I don't think we have seen grass in January for quite a number of years!  It won't last long - the weather report calls for 4" - 6" of snow tonight.

Not much new on the RV side of things.  I'm still reading everything I can find on how people manage to live in a 17' trailer.  Since I spent many years traveling with a 12' X 10' tent, I should already know how to carry the minimum, but somehow the trailer feels different; more like a home and more like you need more stuff! 

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