Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Day 220, Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - Fort Griffin Campground, Albany, TX

Site 9
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - Fort Griffin Campground, Albany, TX - 254.7 Miles, 9,519.2 Miles for the Trip

While I didn't have too many problems with the road conditions on I 20, it was hard to tell if the minor swaying was due to groves in the road or the wind. Very foggy, a bit of mist, but no actual rain. I do see what people mean about the oil business taking over the area. While I didn't try for any of the local campgrounds, all the ones I could see from I 20 looked filled.

I stopped in Odessa for propane. The first location that AllStays sent me to looks to be turned into Odessa College. I couldn't find any propane supplier at the provided coordinates. On the way to the next propane location, I passed U Haul, and filled the empty 20 pound tank as well as topped off the 5 pound grill tank. By then I was too far from Walmart to bother going back, so refilling the freezer will have to wait.

I'm in the Fort Griffin Campground in site 9, a water & electric site for $15.00. The site is on gravel, and level enough that I didn't need to unhook. I didn't put down the stabilizers since I'm only here for one night, but maybe I should have - it is quite windy, and the trailer is rocking.

A weak -122 dBm AT&T signal, but 18.4Mbps down & 6.4Mbps up. Verizon shows a 3G -101dBm signal, but no data connection.

Only a couple of other RVs in the campground, but there is an Escape 19 in the full hookup section. No one was home, so I don't know if it is someone I know.

After setting up I headed for the bathroom & shower. There are a couple of bathrooms scattered around the campground, some with family unisex rooms, and some the traditional men's / women's sections in one building. The closest one to site 9 is a traditional bathroom with one shower in the men's section. I rate the shower an "A". 2 hooks well out of the shower spray, a bench, standard showerhead with plenty of hot water, shower curtain & a good sized dressing area. All I could ask for is to have the showerhead 6" higher, and a larger shelf in the shower itself.

Dinner was a couple of microwaved Tina's Monterey Jack & Chicken Quesadillas, and a salad. Not all that impressed with the Quesadillas, but OK for a quick meal.

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