Monday, July 20, 2015

Tundra Lodge RV Park, Tok, & Chicken, AK

The Chicken at the Chicken Gold Camp
Sunday, July 19, 2015, Tundra Lodge RV Park, Tok, & Chicken, AK - 148.3 Miles Today, 5728.5 Miles for the Trip

A littler rain overnight, but not too bad by the time we packed up to leave. We continued on the Richardson Highway to Delta Junction, then on to Tok. We stopped to let Nancy off a few miles before Tok to visit with some friends while we continued to the Tundra Lodge RV Park to set up in sites 29 & 30. Full hookup sites for $35.00.

After setting up the trailers I joined Don & Anne in their van for a trip to Chicken. The story is they named the town Chicken because they couldn't spell Ptarmigan. In any case, Chicken is a town of around 150 that has a long history of gold mining, one of the first strikes in Alaska. We visited the town itself and the Chicken Gold Camp, picking up some souvenirs & a "T" shirt. As much as Chicken is a tourist trap, it is also an interesting piece of history. There are some wonderful old photographs of mining at the entrance to the Chicken Gold Camp Gift Store & the dredge is in good condition. Took lots of pictures - more at toady's LakeshoreImages page.

Since it was around 150 miles round trip to Chicken from the campground, it was dinner time when we got back. Nancy is eating with her friends, so we went to Fast Eddys for pizza. No internet here at the campsite, but they say they have it at the office. No Verizon, at least data. Nancy does have Verizon voice service on her phone. That is the second time since I had my SIM replaced that there has been Verizon towers, but no data connection for my hotspot.  I sure hope is isn't the new SIM!

Until an internet connection -


  1. Another great the "concert stage"...does Alaska have limited opportunity for Boondocking vs travels..Horst sends

    1. Lots of boondocking locations in Alaska, and there are no reservations for sites at their state parks, so they are usually available. No hookups, but inexpensive & some great locations.