Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tatogga Lake Resort, Iskut, BC

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Thursday, July 23, 2015, Tatogga Lake Resort, Iskut, BC - 199 Miles Today, 6548.2 For the Trip

After about 1/2 mile on the Alaska Highway, we turned south on the Cassier, Highway 37. We are still going to try to see the bears feeding on salmon in the river at Hyder, but is is a bit further than we want to drive in one day. so we stopped after 199 miles at the Tatogga Lake Resort. The hotel end may be a resort, but the campground has a ways to go. Still, it has level sites (on dirt) with 30 amp electric & water for $26.25. There are free showers (well one men's & one women's) and a restaurant that we will make use of since, as usual, we brought the rain. While it just stopped, it is wet enough that we decided to skip cooking. They have a stuffed bull moose as well as other animals in the lobby of the hotel - This is probably our only bull moose photo. At least he stood still...

There is a swallow nest on the porch of the hotel/restaurant with some chicks - Don & I took a bunch of photos. Other than that, the only other photo is the site picture. It is a bit expanded, because Bob & Joanne (the couple we met yesterday that are traveling in a Scamp) pulled into the campground a bit after we did.  More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

We have not had cell reception since the day before yesterday, but found a pay phone at the hotel. We called Run-A-Muck campground in Hyder & they have room for both of us tomorrow night. That is good because it is a Friday, however it may be bad because the bears (and salmon) haven't yet arrived.

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  1. The above photo is awesome. At first, I thought I was seeing flowers until I really paid attention.

  2. Super photo...are those "Barn swallows"?..I took one similar several years ago...Gotta love it....Great memories...thanks for sharing...Horst sends