Monday, July 27, 2015

Brookside Campsite, Cache Creek, BC

Site 22, Brookside Campsite

Monday, July 27, 2015, Brookside Campsite, Cache Creek, BC - 268.3 Miles Today, 7415.3 For the Trip

Well, I miss my traveling companions. This is the first day in the last 50 that I haven't been looking at the back end of a Scamp while on the road. Since Anne has been the navigator (it is a pain to read a map, look up campgrounds, etc while driving alone) Don & Anne have always been in the lead. I also miss the dinner conversation, and everything else about my three travel companions. Still, Don has to go back to work, and I promised myself I wouldn't shovel my roof in Oswego this winter, so here I am.

A fairly long haul today, at least compared to our recent drives. I wanted to be in an easy half day drive to Escape Travel Industries in Chilliwack sine I am stopping at the factory to get some parts for the trailer.

I'm in site 22 of the Brookside Campsite in Cache Creek, BC. A very nice campground with full hookups for $35.00. Free showers & working WiFi (Well, working at 1:00PM, however now at 6:45, it is too slow to connect to my site. I'll try later). What more can you ask for? The site picture is the only photo for the day.  I'll add it later since the campground's WiFi isn't taking photos.

Dinner was a couple of brots (I'm trying to finish off the rolls before they get stale), a cup of canned peaches, and steamed snap peas.

Until tomorrow -

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