Friday, July 10, 2015

Montana Creek Campground, Day 2 & Talkeetna, AK

First View of Mt McKinley
Friday, July 10, 2015, Montana Creek Campground, Day 2 & Talkeetna, AK - 0 Miles Today, 5065 Miles for the Trip

Since we were not moving to another campground, it was a day for a big breakfast. Hash browns, bacon, & pancakes. After breakfast we headed to Talkeetna in Don & Anne's Sienna. Another tourist trap, although a bit more authentic than the last one at Carcraft. The ice cream maker in the picture is actually powered by an electric motor, but it would have been neat to see is being turned by the John Deere motor.

Along the Talkeetna Spur we stopped for the first view of Mt McKinley, A very impressive mountain. We could catch glimpses of it along the drive, but there was no place to pull over until just outside Talkeetna. As usual, it was shrouded in clouds, but at that time we could see the tops. We drove to the Talkeetna River and by then it was completely hidden.  More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

We hit a number of gift stores, I bought a "T" shirt, and Nancy found a replacement for a hat Len bought on a prior trip. We had pizza for lunch at the Mountain High Pizza Pie for a good white pizza.

After a short stop at Flying Squirrel Bakery & the local IGA, we headed beck to the campground. We relaxed until dinner, which was a salad & hamburgers.

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