Friday, April 8, 2011

Washington, DC

Today's Photo - Granddaughter Valerie

I'm in Washington, DC visiting with my daughter Karin, her husband Brian and, of course, my granddaughter Valerie.  Karin is due to deliver my second granddaughter on Monday, at least if she doesn't have her before then.  Since Valerie was breach & a "C" section, the doctors won't let her go past her Monday due date.  She's hoping, but prepared to hit the hospital at 6:30AM on Monday.

I'm sure I will have some newborn photos to post sometime soon!  Meanwhile, Brian's father Bert & I will be putting together Valerie's new dollhouse.  She bought it herself with her Christmas & birthday money & is excited to be able to use it.  I also made her an "I'm 3.33333333" photo book of her & her life (at least up to 3.333333 years old) to give her something to keep her busy while Karin is in the hospital.  The book was done by Blurb & I'm pleased with the result.

Valerie getting so much stuff & attention I'm sure she will be sending Karin back to the hospital to have another one!

Till next time!

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  1. Good luck to you and your family with the happy event, Jon! Valerie is adorable! And, how much fun will it be to have a baby sister! Keep us posted on events! Very cute idea about the book.