Sunday, April 17, 2011

It All Fit!

Today's Photo - I'm packed & Ready to Go!

As the caption says, the RAV4 is packed.  Wasn't sure everything would fit, but somehow I was even able to include the rest of my 12 pack of Landshark. Since I'm the only one here that drinks it, it won't go to waste.  I do appreciate all the room I had in the Town & Country minivan.  Even though I am only packing for one, the RAV4 is quite a bit smaller.  For most of our trips I managed to fill the minivans level with the rear window; the RAV4 looks to be about the same.

Oh, by the way, my winter coat is buried fairly deep in the car & it just started to snow!. Hey, it is the middle of April! Hopefully, I'll manage to drive out of the lousy weather.  It is suppose to be nice tomorrow.

My first stop will be at Letchworth State Park here in NY, providing it isn't raining, snowing, hailing, or whatever. I'd like to get a couple of new photos of the lower falls, hoping that the tree trunk in my 2009 photos has washed away over the winter.  I know it is natural, but the falls looks much better without it.

With all the recent rain, it may be interesting to see the river with more water than usual, although I have usually found that waterfalls photograph better under low water conditions. In any case, it will be worth a stop.

 From there it is into PA & heading west.  I'll probably post most days here at Jon's Journeys since that is the way I keep track of my mileage.  I hope to also keep a set of pages at my LakesideImages site, but will only update them when I have a good connection & a bunch of photos.

Till next time!

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