Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Port Angeles, WA

Today's Photo - A Stump at Washington Park, WA

Another early morning - I don't quite know how over this trip I have shifted back to pre retirement waking hours, but I guess it will be useful when I start taking sunrise photos.  Couldn't do one if I wanted to since, although not raining at 6:30AM, it was cloudy enough that there wasn't any sunrise.

Washington Park provides an audio extra - jets going overhead throughout the evening. Sounded like military - they were flying too low for commercial. There is a Naval Air Station on nearby Whidbey Island; I suspect that is where they are from. At least they stopped by bedtime.

Washington Park Loop Road
I went for a walk (I promised myself I would keep up my 2 miles a day walk as often as possible on the trip) around 7:00 on the park's loop road.  Met quite a few other walkers - they close the road to vehicles until 10:00AM so it is a popular place.

 Took a couple of photos of an interesting tree hanging over the bay.  Couldn't quite get what I wanted, but here it is
Tree Along Loop Road
After getting back from my walk I decided to tackle the cabinets.  I loaded them rather quickly while waiting to get checked out on the trailer, and have since spent far too much time trying to find things.  In fact, my Melita coffee funnel seemed to have disappeared!  So, I emptied them two at a time onto the bed & put everything back in logical order.  We'// see if it works - I had to do it soon or I'd get used to the disorder!  I did find the coffee funnel.

After that it was off to Olympia National Park, Actually, with a couple of stops, I decided there wasn't enough time to get to the Hoh campground, the one I wanted to stop at, so I stopped in Port Angeles at the KOA campground. I'm in Site 19.  111.1 miles today for a trip total of 3324.

Till tomorrow!

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