Thursday, January 31, 2019

Day 180, Thursday, January 31 , 2019 - Dome Rock BLM, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 5

Another Hummingbird Photo
Thursday, January 31 , 2019 - Dome Rock BLM, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 5 - 0 Miles, 8,094.7 Miles for the Trip

Another warm day at Dome Rock. I checked the weather map for home at Oswego, and they are looking at single digits & as much as 5' of snow by Friday. I'll have to give my son an early call to see how he made out. Our road isn't too bad since it is a school bus route, the town knows how to plow & has the equipment necessary to keep it open, but 5' is 5', and he drives home from work at midnight!

After breakfast I sat outside and read (current book is Dennis Lehane's Live By Night). I met a new batch of Casita & Escape owners (well, new to the rally, but I've met most of them along the road). I made a trip into town looking for 5 cup coffee filters; no luck at either of the dollar stores or the grocery stores. I even tried the combined hardware & liqueur store (a strange combination, but it is Quartzsite) and they did have some groceries, but no coffee, let alone filters. I may have to drive to Blythe or Parker just for filters, although I'm putting together a list or other "needs" that I can't find here in the Q.

More reading & meeting during the afternoon, as well as a bunch of hummingbird photos. You may be getting tired of them, but there isn't all that much else to take pictures of, at least until the party starts. In any case, there are many more at today's LakeshoreImages page. After that I headed in for dinner.

Dinner was a Quorn vegetarian chicken patty & a peach cup, along with a glass of Kendall & Jackson Pinot Noir wine. I know, it should be a white wine with chicken, but hey, it isn't really chicken, and the Kendall & Jackson is one of my favorites (and about 1/2 the price here in the West as it is in upstate NY.)

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