Thursday, August 4, 2016

Home, Oswego, NY

Thursday, August 4, 2016, Home, Oswego, NY - 121 Miles, 1309.1 Miles for the Trip

Don, Anne & I said our good byes this morning, with them heading to Binghamton & me to Oswego. A quiet ride along US 20 & US 5 and picking up NY 69 in Rome, NY to NY 104 & home. I got to Oswego early enough that I had time to order a brisket to take to Nantucket next week, and do my lunchtime swim at the Lee Hall pool.

It is hot in Oswego (as well as just about everywhere in upstate NY) so I just unpacked the essentials, and will do the rest tonight when it cools off. I have the weekend to unpack, then pack the truck for the trip to Nantucket on Tuesday.

A week before I left on this trip Time Warner informed me that I needed to switch my cable modem to a "newer & faster" version. I did, and it didn't seem any different. While I was gone, my son Kyle told me it was slower than dial up. I tried to use it today & I have to agree. It seems to randomly die. I couldn't even read mail for awhile, even pure text without images. I called the help desk, and it immediately started working while I was on the phone. Now it is taking 3 or 4 posting cycles (each tries for 90 seconds) to post this Dreamweaver page. I guess I'll haul the new modem to the office tomorrow, hoping I can get the old one back! It is no better here on blogger - it took over 3 minutes to get to the "new post" page...

No "Next Time". I'll be back on Tuesday with the Nantucket vacation! -

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