Friday, January 17, 2014

La Paz County Park, AZ, Day 12 & The 4th Annual Havasu Balloon Festival

Havasu Balloon Festival
Friday, January 17, 2014, La Paz County Park, AZ, Day 12 - 0 miles 4,878.8 For the Trip

I drove to Lake Havasu for the 4th Annual Havasu Balloon Festival. While it is a weekend affair, I'm going to stick with just doing Friday. I parked far to far away from the actual festival. What I thought was the "free" parking was 1/2 mile from the festival; there was parking much closer. At least on the way back there was a bus that drove most of the way.

Like other balloon festivals, lots of other things going on. Many food & craft booths, an entertainment stage, and amusement section. They also had sky divers, three Stearman Biplanes that flew by, and, of course, balloons. A large field with quite a few balloons, however very few that actually flew. I'm not sure why - it wasn't very windy. Maybe they didn't have enough paying customers. In any case, most of them inflated, stayed tied to the chase cars, and then deflated. I still got quite a few photos. Some are at today's LakeshoreImages page, the rest on their own page.

After that it was a 30 mile drive back to the campground. I stopped at Bashes in Lake Havasu for some fried chicken for dinner, not that I needed it; I had a Gyro at the festival, although far from the best I've had.

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  1. Terrific photo of the Balloons...need to put that on my list of places...I'm enjoying your're making me envious...take travels...Horst sends

  2. We visited Havasu 20+ years ago. The London Bridge was in place. We went during Easter Break, and it was very warm. It must have changed much. Love the balloon shots.