Monday, November 11, 2019

Day 22, Fort Stockton RV Park, Fort Stockton, TX

Site 10, Fort Stockton RV Park
A warm night - I didn't fire up the electric heater & it was only down to 62°F outside & 68°F inside. After breakfast & coffee, I packed up the trailer and headed west. All of the drive except the first couple of miles was on I 10. While it started out around 62°F, it kept getting cooler as I drove west. Lots of side winds, enough to "twitch" the trailer a bit. Nothing the F 150 couldn't handle, but I'm glad I don't have a lighter truck.

By the time I stopped at Fort Stockton, it was down to 38°F, it is 37°F now at 4:00, with a predicted low tonight of 24°F. I found the furnace running when I opened the trailer door at the campground. I didn't bother to hook up the water - I'll run off the tank for the night to save freezing the water hose.

I'm in site 10, a pull through full hookup site for $36.00 per night with a GoodSam discount. The bathrooms are just a few steps away, and have very nice individual shower rooms with sink & toilet. It is heated! The first commercial campground since the Jonestown KOA the second day of the trip. Since the prediction for tomorrow is ice on the roads south of I 10 and that is the direction I'm heading to get to Big Bend, I decided to stay for two nights. With the easy access from I10, there is a steady string of RVs coming into the park.

After setting up I headed to Walmart for supplies for the next week - there isn't much shopping between here and the Rio Grande Village campground in Big Bend. I got way too much freezer stuff, and, naturally, after filling my cart with what I felt I could squeeze in the freezer, I discovered they had one of my favorites that I haven't found in over 6 months  - Amy's Mushroom Risotto Bowl - I added 2 boxes. The freezer is crammed. I even wrote down the cooking instructions & took stuff out of the boxes to make more room.

I've been looking for a Weber Q1000 grill to replace the one I currently have, but no luck. While they don't stock them in their stores, I can order one from Ace Hardware, but would have to find one to ship it to. Unfortunately, Herb's Hardware in Quartzsite is a True Value Hardware store. The nearest Ace in in Blythe, CA. I was hoping I'd go by a Camping World on the road since they usually stock them & I get a member discount, but haven't seen one so far.

There is a restaurant in the campground with what has been described as a limited menu, but it looks like it is limited to just the stuff I like, so even though a nasty, cold rain is falling, I'll probably head over there for dinner.

Dinner was at the campground restaurant - I had the chicken fried steak. A bit tougher than I like, but filling. A free cup of Blue Bell ice cream for dessert.

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