Saturday, September 17, 2016

Niagara Wine Escape, Day 3, Part 2

A Wet Pot Luck
Well, unfortunately, the rain came back and continued throughout the pot luck. We put up a double EasyUp supplied by the campground, and another 4 10' X 10's and did our best to protect the food & people from the rain. I have to admit we did better at the food. A few ended up eating under umbrellas, raincoats & big hats, and taking turns in the space under the EasyUps. I took a few sets of photos holding an umbrella over the camera - the blurred circles in the later images are not water drops on the lens, but raindrops the flash highlighted, yes, it was raining that hard. I added the pot luck images to the Niagara Wine Escape 2016 page.

At least cleaning your plate after the dinner was easy - just hold it in the rain!

While we have had rain before & after the pot luck, this is the first year that I've been attending the Niagara Wine Escape Rally that it actually soaked the dinner. Still, a good time had by all.

I'm now back in the trailer putting the page together, but there are still some brave soles hanging around under the EasyUps out of the rain & finishing off the food. As usual, great food and plenty for everyone. Where there was a good collection of door prizes, they will have to wait for tomorrow or the next rally - most people headed back to their trailers after dinner.

An update - I lied. The rain stopped enough while I was posting the pot luck photos that Alf decided to hold the drawings for the door prizes. I think it was because he didn't want to haul them home! Iowa Dave walked around the campground letting people know the event was back on. Of course I took some photos, including, under orders, handing the camera to Anne to take a photo of me getting my prize, one of the few photos of me to appear on the website (the way of the photographer). Alf was wearing down by the end, but everyone got at least one prize, with many getting two.

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  1. Back on the road again!! Glad to see your group of friends and family!