Monday, September 19, 2016


Brunch at Betty's

Sunday morning was the traditional Brunch at Betty's restaurant a couple of miles (well, kilometers since we are in Canada) from the campground. Don & Anne had to miss the brunch - they had to be back in Binghamton by 2:00.  

After brunch a bunch more left, while a few hanger's on (including myself) waited until Monday to head home. Lots of thanks to Alf & Mary Anne, our hosts traveling in the Escape Hatch II, the owners of Riverside Motel & Campground, Joe at Betty's for providing free beverages with the brunch, and all those, particularly Reace & Tammy at Escape Trailer Industries for all the contributions to the door prizes.

No problems crossing the border at the Peace Bridge.  I drove most of the way home on US 20, hopping up to NY 104 at Rochester.  Beautiful weather both yesterday & today.  Oh well, it was an experience that reminded me of the Spring Oregon NOG a couple of years ago.  At least it wasn't a cold rain!

Hope to see everyone for the 2017 Niagara Wine Escape!

I'm taking photos at the RSVP Volunteer Luncheon on Wednesday, and will probably post again Friday, the first day of the NorthEast Gathering at Schodock Lake State Park near Albany, NY.

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