Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Eclipse

Today's Image - A Lily

Well, obviously there was an eclipse, and I did stay up to try to shoot it. It was a teaser - although the cloud cover was solid, there was quite a bit of "glow" from the moon lighting the clouds; I even watched it dim at the eclipse progressed, but, unfortunately, it never cleared enough to actually see the moon. I guess I'll have to wait for the next total here in North America - April 15, 2014!

Some more on equipping the trailer - The two burner stove that comes with the Escape doesn't include an oven. That makes sense since most RVers rarely use their ovens, and they take up quite a bit of space. My problem? I do like to cook, and am going to have to decide between a microwave & a large enough toaster oven to replace the non existent built in standard oven. I have a Cruisinart TOB 195 convection toaster oven here at home, and use it for almost everything but baking pies & cakes rather than my full size oven. It's large, although they make a model without the convection option that is a bit smaller.

I've tried to keep track of how much I use the microwave vs either oven here at home, and it is a tough decision - I use both about the same amount. There really isn't enough room for both, so I'm going to have to choose. Here at home I often make large batches of chili, soups & sauces, etc; freeze them in meal size portions & microwave to thaw & heat. Still, on the road I probably won't be reheating things as much as I do here at home. I was leaning towards a toaster oven & dropping the microwave, since I can steam vegetables on the stove, and don't use the microwave for much besides vegetables & thawing & heating my home made frozen meals.

One problem - although I don't eat many pre prepared meals, one quick cook meal I do eat just changed from having an oven option (which I like) to a microwave only tray which isn't as good. Decisions, decisions! One option, stick with the microwave and get a folding stove top camping oven. If this actually works, I could use it inside or out. It also has the advantage that I don't need AC for it to work.

As you can probably tell by now I tend to overplan things - which ever way I go will require some adjustments & will, I'm sure, work out. I suspect that most of my cooking will be outside the trailer so most of the time I won't be using either!

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