Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Bit of This & That

Today's Photo - A Young Lady at the BOCES Migrant Workers Saturday Fun & Learn Program.

For those interested in technical details, this was taken with a Nikon D700 at an ISO of 1250!

I spent much of yesterday following kids & there parents around at a program for children of migrant workers. A combination of exercise with indoor soccer & basketball and bowling games for the little kids, a trip to the college art galleries, lunch & some games & drawing exercises in the afternoon. A great program, and fun to photograph.

Not much new on the trailer front. I stopped by at the local Verizon to confirm what was available in the wireless data world (well, the world of Verizon!) So far there is still no Macintosh OS 4G solution; in fact, neither if their USB 4G cards will work with my Cradlepoint router. So, it is still a waiting game to decide whether to stay with AT&T & my iPhone, switch to a Droid & Verizon, or some combination of the two. Verizon does have a good deal on a phone - if you are over 65 & use less than 200 minutes a month, they have a $29.99 per month plan. Since I have rarely gone over that, I might add that as an alternative to the iPhone. I will have to check to see if you can use a data phone at that rate (with, of course, the additional data charge.)

I also purchased a 12 volt power supply for my MacBookPro. Quite expensive, but, it is a fairly high wattage, dual voltage supply (it kicks up to a higher voltage on demand) with Apple's proprietary magnetic connector. Since the last two laptops I owned without the magnetic power connector both needed motherboard repairs (actually replacements - they don't fix things these days) because the power cord solder connections to the motherboard failed, I am willing to pay a little (OK a lot) extra for this improvement. A very nice quality DC to DC converter from Lind Electronics Design.

That is about it. I'm cooking a lamb roast for dinner & awaiting the next lake effect storm that is suppose to hit tonight.

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  1. I have a MacBook Pro and I found many opportunities to get wifi on my trip. I also purchased Verizon 4gb broadband. I don't like the monthly charge and found it was okay in a pinch, but connection was spotty. I don't know much about technology, and don't know if I'll renew it because I was able to find many wifi opportunities.