Sunday, December 19, 2010

More On Travel For Photography

Today's Photo - not one of mine, but one of my favorites! My Granddaughter Valerie's 1st birthday.

Today's photo suggests that it probably isn't a good idea to give your daughter a cupcake with cherry icing as a 1st birthday dessert. Yesterday was Valerie's 3rd birthday & even though they had a party & cake, I suspect both Valerie & Karin ended up a lot cleaner.

Anyhow, back to travel. This Fall I made an 1802 mile trip just to photograph the Glade Creek Grist Mill Babcock State Park, WV in Fall colors. I thought I was a bit nuts, but while there at 6:30AM waiting for a wonderful sunrise that never happened, I met a guy that drove down from Ohio, even further away than Oswego. If interested, here is a link to the entire trip.

That is one of the problems with traveling to take photographs - you can't depend on hitting the location at the right time of year, or, for that matter, the weather you want for the images. Almost the entire last trip I made to the Adirondacks ended up with me shooting in the rain. Local photographers have a much better chance of catching time or weather specific images. Of course that points out an advantage to being retired - I don't have a job to get back to so I should be able to spend more time waiting for things to get "perfect!"

Now, I have a weather dependent series of photographs coming up on the 21st. There will be a Lunar Eclipse with the moon high in the night sky. Only problem - the prediction is for snow. Just to rub it in, last night was crystal clear. Just in case, I'll be ready for it, but no high hopes! Oh well, at least I managed to photograph one in 2004.

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