Monday, October 28, 2019

Day 8, Melton Hill Dam TVA Campground, Lenoir City, TN

Melton Hill Reservoir
Last night was a bit cooler than the last couple of nights, dropping into the low 40's by morning. Since I had hooked up the truck yesterday, all I needed to do this morning was unhook the water & electric & put away the Anderson leveler.

Lots of traffic along I81 & I40. I arrived at the Melton Hill Dam TVA campground around 1:10, checked in and, with a little help from my neighbor, backed into site 10. Site 10 is a water & electric site (both 50 & 30 amp) for $29.50 per night with the Senior Card. It is a level concrete pad directly across from the park office. There are three tiered sections (I'm in the middle tier) that overlook the Milton Hill Reservoir.

I spent the afternoon reading - current book is Janet Evanovich's Look Alive Twenty-Five, then took the photos of the reservoir as the sun set. The site photo and a large panorama (2.7MB) is at today's LakeshoreImages page.

Dinner was a chicken breast, potatoes & Anasazi beans cooked in my Instant Pot. Twenty minutes works well on a frozen chicken breast & potatoes, but not quite enough time for the dried beans. I'm learning - the Instant Pot is new.

Until Tomorrow -


  1. Wow!! $29.50 with a geezer card? I think we'll be passing on TVA campgrounds from now on. Really like the picture of the Fall colors.

    1. Yea, I thought that was a bit excessive. My first TVA campground in years so I don't know if the price is local or state wide. It does include a $5.00 reservation fee.

  2. I just went back to the reservation page & checked. It appears that even though I checked the box for Senior Card, they charged me the regular price. With the senior card it should have been $7.00 less per night, or $22.50 per night.