Monday, January 29, 2018

Day 178, Monday, January 29, 2018 - Agua Caliente County Park, CA

Site 81

Monday, January 29, 2018 - Agua Caliente County Park, CA, 178.8 Miles, 3925 Towing Miles For the Trip

Rather than walk for coffee this morning, I decided to save time, eat breakfast, then stop at the Pilot station for gas & coffee. Good coffee, but a refill was more expensive than at the 76 station in town.

I drove by Dome Rock on the way to I 10, and the area we usually set up in is still filled with "sun blockers". I hope they will be gone by Friday when I get back to Quartzsite.

I stopped along the way at the north side if Imperial Dunes (a couple of years ago I did the same driving along I 8 and the southern side). Pretty sand dunes:

Most of the drive was on CA 78 through the many farms in the Imperial Valley. I did stop at the Blythe Albertson for a few supplies on the way I had to buy bags since I forgot to bring any of the 10 or so in the truck, and California doesn't do free plastic bags anymore. I don't know why, but when I'm on the road I never remember to carry bags to the store. At home in NY, where the stores still supply plastic bags, I always remember to bring my cloth ones in. Oh well, it was only $.20.

I arrived an hour early (for the official check in time) because as usual, I forgot the time zone change. No one at the entrance station, so I pulled into the campground looking for site 83. They hid it well - I had to make a couple of loops around the campground, finally asked someone raking one of the sites & they gave me directions. It is a full hook up site for around $31.00 per night (I say around, because I can't load the web page reservation. While there is a bit of a Verizon & AT&T signal here (one bar with the amplifier), there is no Verizon data coverage, and very slow email only AT&T. The campground is surrounded by mountains, so along with limited cell coverage, there are no NPR stations. I do get XM Radio, and lots of commercial AM stations.

So, while I'll write a page each evening, you won't see them until I get back to usable cell towers.

Well, I tried uploading the site, and evidently AT&T uploads are working OK, although very s l o w l y. Still can't download web pages or forums, but it looks like the web based version of my journal is going through. I'll try the Google Blogger load a bit later. For pictures, you will have to go to the LakeshoreImages webpage.

Dinner was another pork loin sandwich, but broccoli rather than coleslaw.

Until the Next Internet Connection -

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