Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cumberland Caverns, McMinnville, TN

Cumberland Caverns, TN
Tuesday, April 12, 2016, Cumberland Caverns, McMinnville, TN, 0 Miles, 6,680 Miles for the Trip

Another day away from the campground. Today it was a 15 mile drive to Cumberland Caverns. I'm a sucker for caves - I try to see as many as possible, and passed the signs for it on my way to the campground.

Cumberland Caverns is a fairly commercialized cave. In fact, they do bluegrass concerts in one of the large rooms complete with a chandelier, drive automobiles inside the cave, and have bathrooms & a snack bar. Still, there are some nice formations with decent lighting and an informative tour. I took the 1 1/2 hour walking tour - they have others that spend more time & do some crawling. It is one of the largest caves in Tennessee - over 22 miles long. The tour was not too crowded - I was the only one on my tour, and there was just one couple on the next one. The guide said that they were doing tours with 15 people every hour last week so it was a quiet period.

They use the Nissan Leaf to drive the performers for the concerts to the stage, and Jeeps to haul the equipment. More photos at a page dedicated to the cavern.

After the cavern tour I stopped at a Krogers for some ice cream & other critical supplies, then headed back to the campground. It is nice enough to sit outside, so that's what I did for most of the afternoon. Current book - John Sandford's Gathering Prey. I decided to try the Foglight Foodhouse, a local restaurant for dinner. I had the Pecan Catfish, excellent although a bit more expensive than my usual dinner. Their Cajun butter is something else!

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