Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sarah Lake Farmers Union Campground, MN

Sites ? Sarah Lake Farmers Union Campground
Saturday, June 32, 2015, Sarah Lake Farmers Union Campground, MN, 213.1 Miles Today, 1305.2 Miles for the Trip

We spent most of the day driving west on US2. Parts two lane at 55MPH, and much four lane at 65MPH, although I still stayed around 59-60MPH. It is interesting that when I was leading & using cruise control at 57MPH on the interstate over the last few days my mileage was going down, finishing at 13.7MPG. Over the last two days following Don without cruise control at a bit faster average speed, my mileage has been climbing; now it is up to 14.5MPG. A bit flatter roads, but still I found I have a tendency to not let the RAV4 down-shift by slowing down on the slight upgrades, while the cruise control just keeps the speed at its settings, no matter what the grade. I usually have better mileage on cruise control when not towing, but with the trailer is is a different game. A few towns that slowed us down, but I bet we didn't take all that much more time than it would going down to the interstate, and it was much more pleasant a drive.

Our plan was to stop for the night at Sarah Lake Farmers Union Campground southwest of McIntosh. Because it was a weekend, we called, but only got an answering machine & no call back. Got to the campground & it looked full, and no owner. One of the campers called Don, the owner, and he has us parking in the campground road in front of his house. Works for us - $15.00 for the night, although no hookups. A pretty location right on the lake. Pretty clean bathrooms with showers.  No photos today...

Dinner will be Tacos.

Until Tomorrow -

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