Sunday, June 14, 2015

Geographic Center of North America, Rugby, ND

Don & Anne at the Geographic Center of North America
Sunday, June 14, 2015, Geographic Center of North America, Rugby, ND, 204 Miles Today, 1509.2 Miles for the Trip

Another day of driving west on US 2. The traffic was light, and the only times we slowed below 60MPH was in the towns & cities. My mileage is creeping up - for awhile I was down to 13.7MPG; at the end of today's travels I'm up to 14.7.

We stopped for the night in Rugby, ND. A bit early in the day, but it is nice to have some time to relax. I remember stopping here with my late wife Carol on a previous trip across the country on US 2 in 1998. I also remember the incredible plate of French fries at the restaurant next to the monument. It was a 12" diameter plate piled 8" high! I'm glad we didn't order 2; we couldn't get through the one we got. Unfortunately, it is now a Mexican restaurant so no French fries.

The 2 car loads of people that got to the monument as we did were willing to let us take out photos first, but since we were in the campground next door, we let them go ahead. A mistake - they spent 15 minutes doing photos. The father must have been a director - he did many retakes, poses, etc...  A couple more photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

We are in sites 17 & 16 at the Oakwood Inn & Campground. They have sites on both sides of US 2 - we are in the south campground. Full hookups, but nothing to write home about. The bathrooms are all in one units, but there is only one mens & one womens. Very worn, but fairly clean. The campground is fairly filled with semi permanent trailers - I met a couple of the guys that are working on stringing high voltage power lines.

Not sure what will be for dinner - we haven't decided. We do plan to hit Canada tomorrow, so updates will depend on finding WiFi connections.

Added Later-
The wind was blowing strong enough that I'm not sure the grill would stay lit, and there is no picnic table, so we decided to eat at the Mexican restaurant. They may not have the largest plate of French fries, but they sure do provide a huge meal. We each had something different, and any one of them would have been enough for all three of us. Mine was very good - mixed meat fajitas that came in a large, sizzling bowl, along with the fixings & soft tacos.

Until Tomorrow -

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