Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nantucket 2013, Day 3

America's Cup 12 Meter Boats the Columbia & the Nefertiti

While it rained most of yesterday, I did get out for a jog before it started. Today it was clear at 7:00AM, and 10 minutes into my jog it started to rain! It cleared up during the late morning so I took a walk along the town docks. As usual for August, the docks are full, with some very nice boats. There are two 12 meter America's Cup sailboats that appear to be charters out of Newport, RI, the Nefertiti & the Columbia. I couldn't get a good photo of them because of the sun & because on the dock I couldn't get far enough away, even with my 17 - 35mm zoom lens. Very pretty boats.

I stopped by the Hospital Thrift Shop to look for books. The shop sells the usual "junk" and raises funds for the Nantucket Cottage Hospital. Only found one book that I was interested in. When the Guidos get here we will probably make a "Dump Run" and check out the books at the Take it or Leave it building.

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