Friday, August 2, 2013

29th Spiedie Festival, Binghamton, NY

Inside View of a Hot Air Balloon From the Top

The 2013 Spiedie Festival is underway. For those not familiar with Spiedies, they are traditionally grilled marinated lamb served on Italian bread. Currently, most are either beef, pork or chicken, although for a little extra, the lamb version is still available. Spiedies are popular dish in the Binghamton area & at the New York State Fair. I drove down to Binghamton to Don & Anne's to shoot some balloon photos and attend the festivities. The festival has not changed much since the last one I attended in 2010 - lots of booths, selling food, crafts, and the usual stuff.

The weather was "iffy" for the evening balloon launches, with rain off & on during the traditional time they would be taking customers for a ride. Rather than chance the weather, they stayed on the ground, but did open up the balloons for the "night glow", during which they illuminate the balloons without launching them. I took a bunch of photos, and will add more pages over the next two days.

Lots of balloon photos at my Spiedie Festival Page at LakeshoreImages.

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