Sunday, May 26, 2013

EggFest Ontario, Saturday

Sparkers around the Campfire!
Saturday was bright & sunny, although still on the cool side.  Lots of activities all day long as well as time to relax and read my book.  Rather than a "Pot Luck" dinner, we had a bring your own dinner at the pavilion. It worked out well - I brought a spaghetti and chicken parmesan meal that, I have to admit, came from the freezer & Boston Market.  It is about the only one of their frozen dinners that I like.  Of course, if it had been a pot luck, I would have made a blueberry pie.

After dinner donated door prizes were handed out.  Even though my number was #1, it was picked towards the end & the choices left were getting kind of thin; I now have a lobster pin that I'll add to my type box display in the living room. I do have to get to work on adding stuff from the last two trips to the type box - most of it is still in plastic sandwich bags.  I need more rainy days! After that the prize for the most correct guesses for matching baby pictures was awarded, and finally, the 50 50 raffle.

The final event of the evening was gathering around a campfire for talk, singing, marshmallows, and sparklers. Photos from the day's events are here.

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