Sunday, May 13, 2012

Along the Natchez Trace, Day 2

The Old Natchez Trace

Sunday, May 13 -Natchez State Park, Natchez, MS - 280.3 Miles Today, 1902 For the Trip

I spent most of the day driving south on the Natchez Trace. A very pretty road, although is some ways it is like driving on the interstates, but slower. Actually, not that much slower - I usually drive at 58 MPH in the interstates, and on the Trace the speed limit is 50 MPH. I set the cruise control for 53 MPH and most people passed me. I say like the interstates in some ways because there isn't much variation while driving. Lots of pull offs - I took a couple of photographs of the old trace road, but most of the stops are just a sign at the location where something was - all you see is a wall of trees. They do have lots of bathroom stops as well, so it is a pleasant drive. Part of the Trace was closed, so I had a short hop on I 220 around Jackson, MS.

I stopped for the night at Natchez State Park, Site 46 in Campground B. Concrete pads, water & 20/30/50 amp electric. No sewer, but there is a dump station just up the road & the bathhouse is across the street. I'm doing laundry since there is a set of machines & they are only $1.00 each. I was planning to do laundry every two weeks, so I'm a bit early but why not.

I'm going to finish off the pork tenderloin & asparagus for dinner tonight. While it isn't raining (yet) it sure looks like it is about to start. I'm sure one way to force a downpour is for me to get out & fire up the grill! Besides, I'd say the pork is at the eat it or throw it stage...

Till Tomorrow -

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