Monday, November 16, 2015

Destiny Phoenix RV Resort, Goodyear, AZ, Day 2

Monday, November 16, 2015, Destiny Phoenix RV Resort, Goodyear, AZ, Day 2, 0 Miles, 3,464.8 Miles for the Trip

I don't know what the traffic is like closer to the city, but the Phoenix traffic on I 10 between Goodyear & Avondale (about 12 miles) is almost like upstate NY. I left 45 minutes to make the drive & did it in 12. All the icons lighting up on the dash were caused by a failed O2 sensor. I almost wish it was something with the sensors for the wheels - $378.90 plus tax to replace the Bank 1 O2 Sensor. Since I was within 400 miles of my next oil change, I got that as well. Didn't get out of the place until 1:00, but all the lights are back to normal & I'm good for another 5000 miles. While I don't like paying to fix the RAV4, I have to admit it has only had 2 repairs since I purchased it. Everything else has been normal maintenance or normal wear items. Much better than my last three Chrysler minivans!

It is too cool with the wind (58°F) to sit outside, so I read both my current book (1491, which is a history of the Americas before Columbus) and some forums on the Internet for awhile in the trailer. Since I'm heading for some dry camping, I also charged my drill & hammer drill.

I picked up a few supplies at Bashas grocery store, as well as some baked chicken & macaroni & cheese for dinner. No pictures for the day.

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  1. Sorry we couldn't come up with better weather for you. It's been way too cold for this weather wimp in the East Valley.